International SEO

What is Global or International SEO?

Global SEO refers to the optimisation of the website to target a global audience. It tells search engines about which country you are targeting and which languages you use for your business. Global SEO is much different from local SEO. The competition in the global market is much higher compared to the local market, so you must use a comprehensive strategy to beat your competitors.

You can't use your local SEO campaign to target an international audience. Wondering why? It is because the audience in each country has its own search queries and trends. Is your company planning on expanding internationally? SEO Singapore is a one-stop solution for all your local and International SEO needs. Our strategists understand the audience of different regions and will use the best SEO practices to come up with positive results.

How does International SEO Work?

Global SEO is all about how you target the audience of other countries. While working on International SEO, you should focus work on the following factors for multiple languages:

Keyword research and complicated analysis

Link popularity

Specific On page optimisations for multiple country targeting

Off page optimisation

Social media marketing


Why should you Invest in Global SEO?

The globalised nature of the world has given businesses unprecedented opportunities, so if you want to gain maximum benefit from these opportunities and grow your business, then you should create your brand awareness globally. This is where global SEO comes in. It is certainly the best way to represent your business internationally. If you invest in global SEO, you can efficiently reach your target audience in any country and region.

SEO Singapore is a leading Digital agency in Singapore. We are known to help businesses in amplifying their reach above and beyond the country’s borders, so they can achieve their goals.

What is our Process for International SEO?

At SEO Singapore, we start by focusing on basic components such as keyword research, and content optimisation and analyse data on-page SEO of your current content. Then our multilingual SEO specialists will conduct research on regional and global marketing to create powerful content that will connect you to an international audience. Once our strategists are successful in building a global profile, they will continuously monitor the progress of your campaign to ensure that your business continues to grow.

Let's Get Started with Growing your Brand Internationally!

With years of experience in this industry, we understand how the global market works, so you can rely on us to get your brand recognised internationally. Our International SEO strategy includes global SEO audit, keyword research, competitive analysis, on-page optimisation, global content marketing, and international link-building strategy.

Why Choose Us?

When it comes to planning effective SEO strategies, SEO Singapore is your go-to option. We are a reputable and trustable SEO agency in Singapore. From boosting your brand reputation internationally to maximising your sales, we will take care of everything. Our strategists guarantee to boost your web traffic and explode your sales. We offered multiple global SEO packages, so you can choose the one that suits your brand needs.

Apart from planning successful campaigns, we involve our clients in every step to ensure smooth, hassle-free, and transparent work. Our goal is to maximise the potential of your website and reach across the globe more than ever.

Ready to boost your traffic internationally? Leave us a message now, so we can start planning the best global SEO strategy for your business.



  • How does International SEO work?
  • Is International SEO just about translating my English keywords?

    No, International SEO is much more than just translating keywords into a different language. It is because duplicate content will not perform the same in each region. If you want to achieve your business goals, you must develop a deeper understanding of your target audience. You can get help from our multilingual marketing specialists to create engaging and optimised content.

  • How long does it take to rank my website using International SEO?

    SEO is a time-consuming and long-term marketing strategy. There is no specific time bracket as it depends upon multiple factors such as the current SEO status of your website, the number of backlinks to your website, speed of your website, content, on-site and offsite implementations, and much more.

  • How does global SEO grow my business?

    If you are planning to expand your business internationally, then International SEO is for you. It will turn your business into a global brand by engaging with the audience worldwide. The increase in web traffic will positively impact your conversion rate and help your business grow.

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