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If you still have not included voice search optimization as a component in your SEO Singapore strategy, you are missing out something. According to many data points, it is stated that voice search SEO is the future of online search.

Below are the crucial ones:

  • 39% of people find voice searches more engaging.
  • 71% of people prefer voice search rather than typing a query.

As we know, voice search is now becoming fastest-growing trend that you can’t miss out in your SEO strategy. But before implementing voice SEO, you have to understand what voice search is, how people use it, and many more.

What is Voice Search SEO?

Voice Search is launched by Google in 2011. Voice search is the technology that allow users to search via voice commands. It also helps in optimizing keywords and phrases for searches with the use of voice assistants. Those websites who want to be on top for searches which are controlled by voice assistants require voice SEO.

How Voice Search SEO Works?

As we know, voice search is a complex process but with basic understanding you can perform voice search optimization seamlessly. There are some things that voice assistant follows every time when a voice search query is run:

  • Noise Filter- It ensure that the background noises are separated and the only focus on its voice search query.
  • Voice Query Digitize- It also transforms the sound waves into digital data.
  • Voice Analysis- It processes the data and perform an analysis of voice.
  • Link to External Sources- To deliver relevant answers to users, it link to external sources like Google.
  • Identifying Patterns- It identify the patterns and compare the query with the existing samples available in the database.

This is how voice search SEO Singapore works!

How Voice Search Impacts SEO?

Voice search technology change the way of how people search on internet. Below, we have curated the list of its impact on search engine optimization:

  • Simple Language

The technology improving voice recognition systems by adapting everyday conversational language. This will make easier for users to give commands just like they are talking to another person.

  • Length of Keywords

As we know, conversation require more written words to elaborate. So, for your SEO strategies, you should include long-term keywords to answer voice search queries.

  • Add Question Words

There are some question words that you should include in your voice search SEO strategy. For example, what, which, how, when, and where.

  • Local Search

Many people when they make a voice search query that means they are looking to find a local business. You have to add “near me” queries in your strategy to acquire better results.

Benefits of Voice Search Optimization

voice search

When we know voice search is becoming fastest-rising technology so it’s crucial to utilize this technology. There are many advantages of adapting voice search for businesses. Below, we are mentioning some of significant benefits:

  • Quick Reply to Response

This touch less feature enables you to search while moving or while driving because you do not need to pick up the gadget to do so. That frees up your hand so you can multitask.

  • Multilingual

The fact that Google Assistant can currently understand 30 major languages is astounding! The availability of a multilingual option removes a barrier to marketing voice search optimization.

  • Available to Everyone

Elderly adults or those with impairments may have trouble typing due to trembling hands. For them, voice search is a blessing. The brand is made more easily available to a bigger audience by using voice search SEO into the marketing strategy.

  • Gain More Traffic

With voice search optimization, more customers visit your website which increases the traffic of your website.


As more people use voice assistants, voice search will only get stronger. Businesses must put voice search optimization at the top of their priority list if they want to keep ranking for keywords in the future.

Fortunately, you can make quick tweaks to your website to make it voice search-friendly. A solid FAQ page, long-tail keywords, and conversational language are all worked methods for improving your chances of appearing in voice search results.

Businesses will have a competitive advantage over rivals if they create an SEO strategy for voice search. If you want to build an effective SEO strategy, connect with our SEO Singapore team. We provide you the best SEO Service that helps you to achieve your desired results.

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