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The ultimate goal of every business is to gain customers’ attention by beating the competitors. Every business is trying hard to attract new customers, so how can you differentiate yourself and rank high in Google search results? A strong and effective local SEO strategy is what you need to gain visibility and drive traffic to your website. If you don’t optimise your website according to the latest SEO practices, you can neither enhance your brand awareness nor reach the target audience in your geographical area. Want to find out about SEO tips that will help you in positioning yourself above your competitors? In this guide, we will discuss some local SEO tips that will ensure ongoing success for your business.

Your Local SEO Tips

Living in a digital era means that you cannot rely on the laurels of repeat customers; instead you have to continuously upgrade your marketing strategy in order to dominate your local market. Being an owner of a small business, you must adopt a powerful strategy to attract and retain customers. Here’s how you can make your SEO strategy a powerful one.

Keep your NAP Up to Date

Keeping your NAP data (Name, Address, and Phone number) updated on all local directories is crucial to ensure that you remain visible to all your prospective local customers. Make sure that the information you submitted is the same across all the directories otherwise it will confuse your customers and they will end up being frustrated. Moreover, local directory listings give the confidence to search engine crawlers in your business.

Get Google Verified

It is important to get your business legitimised in the eyes of search engine crawlers. For this purpose, you should get your business verified by going through Google’s verification process. The process is quite straight forward and will positively impact your business.

List your Services

Providing authentic information on Google my business profile is essential as it is the building block of your local SEO. Be patient while making your profile and provide all the necessary information. You can list yourself in multiple categories i.e., cleaning services, bathroom cleaning, commercial property maintenance, etc. to appear in different search queries.

Optimise your Homepage

Your homepage represents your company and its services so make sure to add all the necessary information to it. The content should be to the point, convincing, and engaging. Make sure to use an attractive title and meta description to get your homepage noticed by search engines. The length of the title should be between 50-60 characters and for meta description, it should be 100-150 characters long. (It is better to add Call To Action in the meta description). Also add the heading, subheadings, services you provide, and why choose us section.

By making your homepage attractive, you significantly increase the chance of gaining your customers’ trust.

Leverage your Service and Landing Pages

The service page allows you to describe your services to your customers. Make sure to optimise it with the relevant content and right keywords. Avoid adding unnecessary information as it will increase your bounce rate. For instance, if you add the keyword, ‘cleaning services Singapore’ it is most likely to get noticed by the customers. So be wise with your keyword selection in service and landing pages.

Develop Citations and Build Links

The citation refers to the online directory for your business including your Facebook pages, yellow pages, or the local chamber of commerce websites. If your online directory gets more backlinks from authentic websites, the visibility of your business in the search engine will increase and boost your local SEO game.

Incentivise customer reviews

Customer reviews make or break your business, they define how satisfied your customers are with your services. If your customers say positive things about you, it will prove the legitimacy of your business and more people will put their trust in you.

Reviews are a kind of social proof that impacts your local SEO efforts.


Working on a local SEO strategy has become the need of every local business in Singapore. It is the most efficient way to increase your visibility in search engines and attract customers in the local area.  A powerful search engine optimisation strategy will keep you ahead in a highly competitive field. Don’t know how SEO works? Don’t worry, you can get help from a professional SEO company in Singapore.

SEO Singapore is a Singapore-based SEO company, we provide a range of SEO services at affordable rates for small to large businesses. Our highly competent teams understand how SEO tactics work, and they will design a plan based on your business goals. We work closely with our clients and update them at every step to ensure that they are satisfied. After all, seeing your business grow is what makes us happy! Contact us now.

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